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 Oakshire spawn point greif.

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Oakshire spawn point greif.  Empty
PostSubject: Oakshire spawn point greif.    Oakshire spawn point greif.  I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 03, 2011 8:27 pm

So on march 3rd the oakshire spawn point was greifed. a donator spawned some bedrock right on top of it. this caused many people to die, and there total inventories to be lost. I myself lost 5 diamond pick axes, a diamond axe, a diamond shovel, 30 iron, and 50 redstone. I would like to have the diamonds and iron replenished if possible. This is because those items are very rare, and i don't see why i should not have them restored. Through no fault of my own did this happen. I am sure that others have lost very much as well. use this forum topic to address the issue and log your items lost. Further more, i beleive that most people would not have lost that much if we could lock our own chests. I have waited and had 3 admins start helping me and having to leave when i had them lock my chests. I have no chests locked that i can use. However i do have many chests locked, that are only accessible by lamnea. I believe this is the point where we should have the lwc mod fixed, as well as have many of our items replenished. It would also be easier to just give people the N value of their lost items. Making it much easier on the admins.
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Oakshire spawn point greif.
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